Hibiscus ‘El Capitolio’

Hibiscus ‘El Capitolio’.

Lion’s tail hibiscus is a naturally occurring form or variant and not a cultivar.
The parentage is unknown.

The 2 m high shrubs have deep maroon stems.
The alternate leaves, on deep maroon petioles have large sharp teeth on the edges.
The plant originally discovered had red petals.

The flowers are dense doubles up to around 10 cm across.
The red corolla petals have a ruffled edge and a white base with streaks radiating from it.
The special feature is the cluster of small ‘petals’ on the end of the long staminal column.

An apricot or peach flower with a cerise red centre developed naturally from the red form.
This is known as ‘El Capitolio Sport’.
There is also a 3 coloured one with yellow petals separated from the red base by a white band.