Podocarpus grayea

Podocarpus grayae.

Flora of Australia Vol. 48 p. 554 has Podocarpus greyi.

Commonly known as the Brown or Weeping pine it is endemic to Queensland.
Trees can grow up to 30 m high.
Leaf buds are round with overlapping scales that have rounded tips.

The dark green, drooping leaves are spirally arranged.
They can be up to 25 cm long and are on short stalks with a central ridge.
The midrib is prominent on both surfaces but no side veins are visible.

Male pollen cones are solitary or in small clusters.
They are up to 3 or 6 cm long with a short or no stalk.

The single, axillary female seed cones are on short stalks.
They are reduced to one fertile scale with 1 or 2 ovules.
They have 2 bracts.

The ripe fruit have an enlarged, fleshy, deep red receptacle with 2 bracts at the base.
The receptacle is formed from the scales.
The seed is attached to the top of the receptacle.