Podocarpus spinulosus

Podocarpus spinulosus.

Family Podocarpaceae.
One of the 6 Podocarpus species found in Australia it is native to Queensland and N.S.W.
It is sometimes known as the Dwarf Plum pine or Spiny-leaf Podocarp.

It is usually seen as a low shrub, sometimes up to to 2 m and rarely as a small tree.
The straggly branches have oppositely inserted leaves on stalks 1 to 2 mm long.
The narrow blades are 2 to 8 cm long by about 3 mm wide.
The tip is a long sharp point.

The upper surface is a shiny green and the underside is paler.
Hairs on the stems and petioles lie almost flat on the surface.
Both leaf surfaces have flattened hairs especially on the young leaves.

The new growth is a red or orange colour.
Slightly older leaves may have reddish margins and tips.

Axillary male and female cones are on separate plants.
Cylindrical male cones, up to 8 mm long, are in clusters.

Female cones, on a short stalk, are solitary.
Each cone has 1 (2) roundish seed about 1 cm long.
At the base of the seed the upper part of the stem forms a swollen, fleshy receptacle.
This is 1 to 2 cm long and a purplish-black colour.