Microsorum punctatum ‘Grandiceps’

Microsorium punctatum ‘Grandiceps’.

Synonyms include Microsorum punctatum cristatum, Polypodium punctatum, Polypodium grandiceps,
    Polypodium punctatum ‘Grandiceps’ and Polypodium irioides f. cristatum.

Common names include Terrestrial Staghorn, Terrestrial or Dwarf Elkhorn, Fishtail or Crested Fern.

A Queensland native fern, forming clumps and growing to around 80 cm high.

Some of the light green, upright, smooth and shiny fronds can be simple (undivided) with flat or wavy edges.

Other fronds forks repeatedly forming a ‘crest ‘ at the top with frilly or ruffled edges.

The raised midrib is prominent.

There are small, brown sori scattered on the lower surface.