Microsorum punctatum

Microsorum punctatum.

Synonyms include Phymatodes irioides, Polypodium iridoides and Polypodium punctatum.

A native in Australia and found in the Brisbane area, it is a variable species.
Mainly epiphytic or rock growing, it can be terrestrial in Australia and form large colonies.
It is a medium-sized fern, with simple fronds with multiple small scattered sori.

The creeping rhizome has dense hairs and some scales.
There may be no stalk and where there is the leaf blade may extend down its sides.

Fronds are usually all similar but can sometimes be slightly different.
They are closely spaced, simple (undivided), erect or nearly so and a pale or yellow-green.
They can be up to 150 cm or more long and 11 cm wide.
They can be elliptic, lanceolate or linear with a sharp or rounded tip.

The surface is shiny and the margin can be entire or wavy.
The pale brown or green midrib is raised on both surfaces.
The lateral veins are usually prominent but smaller ones are not.

The many circular sori, up to 1.5 mm in diameter, are irregularly scattered on the lower surface of the frond.
They are usually on the upper half but can extend lower down.
In some areas they appear to be in irregular rows parallel to the secondary veins.
They are superficial or only slightly sunken into the leaf.