Hakea purpurea

Hakea purpurea.

The Crimson hakea, endemic to Queensland and N.S.W., is occasionally used in gardens.

They are dense, evergreen, multi-stemed shrubs up to 3 m high.
The small branchlets can be smooth or have hairs that lie flat on the surface.

Leaves, up to 10 cm long, initially have white or brown hairs but these are soon lost.
Leaves can be simple but most are forked.
Often there is only 1 fork but there can be up to seven cylindrical segments.
Each segment, up to 1.5 mm wide, has a sharp point 1 to 2 mm long.

Axillary inflorescences are clusters of up to 10 red or reddish-purple flowers.
The 4 tepals are up to 1 cm long and the red style up to 3 cm.

The ovate, woody fruit, about 4 cm long, hold 2 winged seeds.