Rosa moyseii ‘Geranium’

Rosa moyseii ‘Geranium’.

Similar to the species plant described below the ‘Geranium’ cultivar differs by being a more compact
    shrub up to 2.5 m but still with arching branches holding mostly single bright red flowers.

Rosa moyesii.

The shrubs, 2 to 3 m wide have erect to arching stems 3 to 4 m long.
The pale brown prickles are most dense towards the base of the stems.

Dark green leaves, 10 to 15 cm long have 7 to 13 round to ovate leaflets.
The edge is toothed and there are hairs on the leaflet midrib underneath.
There may be prickles and glands on the the leaf petiole and midrib.

The ends of the stems are much branched and each has 1 or 2 flowers.
The peduncle and receptacle have small soft prickles and glands.

There are 5 sepals with smooth or occasionally lobed edges.
They have dense pale hairs on the inner surface (inner before they bend back) and glands on the edges.
The 5 petals flare out making a flat flower around 6 cm across.

Petals are deep red and the numerous stamens are yellow.
Flowers have a mild scent and plants only flower once a year.
The pendulous rose-hips, with the sepals attached are bright red.