Rosa palustris var. ‘Scandens’

Rosa palustris var. scandens.

The Swamp Rose is a vigorous shrub up to 2 m high and nearly as wide.
It suckers from the base and the reddish stems have only a few prickles.
Arching branches are nearly 2 m long.

Deciduous leaves 8 to 11 cm long are on a petiole with stipules.
The stipules, with glandular hairs are mostly fused to the petiole.
The (3) 5 narrow toothed elliptic leaflets have a few hairs on the lower surface.

Species plants, flowering once a year have single flowers with 5 pink petals.
‘Scandens’ variety flowers, singly or in pairs on the branch ends are doubles.
The flattish flowers have 16 to 25 petals in 3 or more whorls.
Flowers open a mid to deep pink and fade as they age.
Cultivars flower more than once in a season and the hips are red.