Rosa ‘Eyes for You’

Rosa ‘Eyes for You’.

A Modern shrub rose with Floribunda type flowers.
It is likely to be a hybrid of ‘Blue for You’ and ‘SCRivbell’ x ‘Tingle’.

Bred in 2004 it is a shrub up to 1.4 m high and 80 cm wide.
There are long thin prickles on the stems.

Dark green leaves have 5 or 7 ovate to elliptic leaflets with large teeth.
There are small prickles on the upper surface of the petiole.

Inflorescences are small clusters of cup-shaped flowers around 10 cm across.
The semi-double to double flowers have 8 to 30 petals.
Petals have a deep purple base with a lighter outer margin.
The rest of the petal is a mix of white and mauve.

They are repeat bloomers.