Rosa ‘Hannah Gordon’

Rosa ‘Hannah Gordon’

A Modern Bush rose with Floribunda type flowers.
They are strong growers as a shrub, standard or climber 1.5 to 2 m high.

Flowers are doubles with around 20 petals.
Petals are white or a pale cream blending into a bright pink edge.
They repeat bloom during the season.

There are 2 sports (spontaneous mutations) –
    ‘Glenda Marie’ is a similar plant with deeper pink edges and
    ‘Nicole’ (‘Raspberry Ice’) which is a smaller plant with more petals that have paler pink edges.

Very similar is ‘Handel’ a 2 to 3 m high climber with olive-green leaves.
Flowers, 8 cm across have around 20 petals.
Petals are cream blending into deep pink edges.

Other cultivars with Floribunda-type flowers having white petals merging into pink edges include
    ‘Brilliant Pink Iceberg’, ‘Butterfly Wings’, ‘Betty Boop’, ‘Cocorics’, ‘Kerryman’, ‘Mme. Dimitriu’ and ‘Princesse de Monaco’.