Crinum pedunculatum

Crinum pedunculatum.

Family Amaryllidaceae > Subfamily Amaryllidoideae > Subtribe Crininae.

There are many synonyms including C. australe and C. australe var. pedunculatum.
Commonly known as the Spider lily, Swamp lily or River lily it is found in S. E. Queensland.

It is a large, evergreen plant that forms colonies.
Individual plants can be up to 2 m high and 2 to 3 m wide.
The large bulbs are up to 10 cm across.
Older plants can have a thick, above ground pseudostem up to 45 cm high.

There are up to 20 leaves that may be erect or arching.
They are strap-like and up to 2 m long and 15 cm wide.
They have no stalks and the sheathing bases form the pseudostem.

The leafless inflorescence stalks, up to 1.5 m high, arise among the lower leaves.
The bracts that protect the buds can be up to 16 cm long.
There can be up to 30 or 40 flowers in an umbel at the top of the stem.
The flowers have stalks up to 5 cm long.

The bases of the 6 tepals are fused to form a perianth tube.
The tube is narrow, green and up to 12 cm long.
The white tepal lobes can be up to 11 cm long flaring to 10 cm across at the top.

The filaments of the 6 stamens are up to 6.5 cm long.
They can be purple, red or pink.
The long anthers are up to 2.5 cm and purple or black.

The inferior ovary has 3 locules with 2 ovules in each.
The style is 18 cm long.
The roughly spherical, fleshy fruit is up to 5 cm wide and has a beak.