Family Araceae.
Known as the Peace lily there are about 36 species and a number of cultivars.
They grow in clumps up to 125 cm high with leaves and flower stalks arising from the rhizome.

The simple leaves are on stalks about 15 cm long.
The glossy, deep green, oval or elliptic blades are up to 15 cm long with a pointed tip.
The midrib, and the pinnate veins are prominent on the underside with corresponding
    depressions on the upper surface.
The blade edge can be wavy.

The solitary inflorescences are held slightly above the leaves.
They consist of a central spadix with small, bisexual flowers surrounded by a spathe.

The spathe, a modified bract, is commonly pure white but can be cream.
It is up to 10 cm long.
As the inflorescences ages the spathe becomes green.
The nerves (veins) in it can be white or green.
It can be oval with a pointed tip or more circular; flattish or concave.

The spadix is shorter than the spathe being up to 7 cm long.
The flowers on it are initially white or yellowish but become green as the fruits mature.
The fruit is an aggregate of berries.