Aristolochia grandiflora

Aristolochia grandiflora.

Family Aristolochiaceae.
Commonly known as the Pelican flower and also as the Dutchman’s pipe.

A vine, growing up to 10 m or more using twining stems.
The alternate leaves are heart-shaped and up to 25 cm wide.

Inflorescences are solitary flowers in the leaf axils.
They are pendulous and on stalks almost as long as the flower.
There are no petals but an enlarged, coloured calyx.

The downwards directed swollen utricle contains the stamens and style.
The tubular part then curves upwards and flares out into the limb.
The tubular section is greenish outside and the hairy throat is yellow.
The hairs in the throat trap pollinators overnight.

The junction of the tube and limb inside is almost black.
The rim of the limb is heart-shaped and up to 20 cm wide.
Hanging from the lower edge is a narrow tail up to 60 cm long.
The limb is a brownish-purple with white veins.
Flowers emit a foul smell to attract pollinators.