Agave potatorum ‘Cubic’

Agave potatorum.

These plants form a tight basal rosette of thick fleshy leaves.
The rhizomes (underground stems) do not sucker so plants are solitary.
The plants can be up to 90 cm across and 60 cm high.

The grey spatulate spirally arranged leaves are up to 45 cm long.
The lower surface has a slight ridge or keel towards the end.

The brown teeth around the edge are on a small tubercle.
The reddish-brown spine at the tip is around 2.5 cm long.

Each plant produces a single inflorescence up to 6 m high.
The flowers are on a short pedicel with a red bracteole at the base.
Flowers have 6 tepals that are yellow to pale green with red tinges.

Agave potatorum ‘Cubic’.
This cultivar differs from the parent by being a smaller plant only 30 cm high and 45 cm wide
    and having a longer and more marked keel on most leaves.
Leaves have reddish-brown teeth around the edge and a long sharp reddish spine at the tip.

Similar plants are Aloe ‘Kichiokan’ which is possibly a cultivar of A. potatorum and Agave parrryi.