Pandorea jasminoides

Pandorea jasminoides.

Family Bignoniaceae.
There are 9 species of Pandorea including Pandorea jasminoides and Pandorea pandorana that are native
    to eastern Queensland and into New South Wales.
They are commonly grown garden plants.
Vines climb by twining or just scramble, have pinnate leaves and 5-lobed tubular flowers in clusters.

Pandorea jasminoides is known as the Bower Vine.
An evergreen, fast growing, woody vine that climbs by twining or scrambling.
Stems can be up to 8 m long.

The dark green pinnate leaves are mostly opposite but can be in whorls of 3.
They are up to 20 cm long with 5 to 7 (9) 50 mm long, ovate to lanceolate leaflets.

Inflorescences are small clusters of tubular or trumpet-shaped, 6 cm long flowers.
They have five, 2 to 3 cm long, spreading lobes up to 5 cm across.
Petals are white or pale pink with a hairy, deep pink or maroon throat.

Fruit are green capsules up to 8 cm long that are brown and woody when mature.
The numerous seeds have papery wings.

Cultivars include prostrate plants and one with variegated green and yellow foliage.
There are white flowers with a pale yellow throat.
Another has dark pink flowers with a white throat.