Taxodium mucronatum


Division Pinophyta > Order Pinales > Family Cupressaceae.

As a result of DNA analysis most Taxodiaceae genera have been transferred to Cupressaceae.
The genus Taxodium has 2 or 3 species/varieties:

  • T. distichum var. imbricatum has needle-like leaves that are round in cross section.
  • With flat leaves are T. mucronatum (essentially evergreen) and T. distichum var. distichum (deciduous).


Taxodium mucronatum.

Montezuma cypress. Synonym Taxodium distichum var. mucronatum.

A large evergreen tree up to 40 m tall with a thick trunk.
It only occasionally has ‘knees’ – portions of roots that are above the surface of the soil or water.
Some grow in swampy areas or in the water.
Reddish-brown to grey bark peels in vertical strips.

The leaves are needle-like but flat in cross section, up to 20 mm long by 2 mm wide.
Small branchlets look like pinnate leaves.

The trees are evergreen but the small branchlets are deciduous with the leaves turning a red-brown
    before the branchlets fall.

The ovoid female cones, on a short stalk, are up to 25 mm long and 20 mm wide.
They have thick scales.

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