Neostrearia fleckeri

Neostrearia fleckeri.

Family Hamamelidaceae.
Endemic to northern Queensland this is a tree that grows up to 12 m high.
Various parts are covered in stellate hairs.

The simple leaves are oblong to lanceolate, to 18 cm long by 7 cm wide on a 1 cm stalk.
Stipules are like small thin spikes about 3-4 mm long.
The underside of the leaf is pale.

Inflorescences are terminal spikes to 20 cm long on a stalk to 3.5 cm long.
The stalk-less flowers are not crowded.

The bases of the sepals are fused into a short tube with 3.5 mm long lobes at the top.
Their outer surface has reddish hairs.
There are 5 ribbon-like white to cream petals up to 18 mm long.
There are 5, 1.5 mm long stamens with a tiny apical appendage on the broad anthers.
Anthers have 2 pollen sacs with one valve.

The tip of the partly inferior ovary is hairy.
The ovary has 2 locules and 2 styles under 1 mm long.
Fruit are hairy, woody capsules up to 1.5 cm long.