Family Iridaceae > Subfamily Crocoideae (Ixioideae) > Tribe Ixieae.
There are about 60 species.
They grow from corms (vertical, bulb-like underground stems with fibrous leaves).
Clump forming, deciduous plants some growing up to 110 cm high.
The lance or sword-shaped leaves have narrowed, overlapping, sheathing bases.
Some species have pleated or ribbed leaves with hairs.

Inflorescences are spikes that may or may not branch.
The 2 to many flowers each have 2 short spathe-like bracts.
Flowers, with no stalks, are up to 5 cm long.
They are mostly funnel-shaped and have 6 tepals.
The tepal bases are fused into a straight or slightly curved tube.
Colours include blue, purple, red, white, yellow and cream.
Some have markings in a second colour.

There are 3 stamens that can be evenly spaced or all on one side.
The anthers are basifixed.
There is an inferior ovary with 3 locules.
The style branches into 3 each holding a stigma.
Some produce nectar from the base of the ovary.
The fruit are oblong or round capsules and the seeds vary between species.