Dietes grandiflora

Dietes grandiflora.

Family Iridaceae > Subfamily Iridoideae > Tribe Irideae.
The Large Wild iris is found in S.E. Queensland in gardens but often in public spaces.
It is becoming a weed in some areas.

Growing from rhizomes they form large clumps up to 1.2 m high.
The alternate leaves, in 2 ranks forming a fan, have sheathing bases.
The narrow leaves are up to 1 m long and 2 cm wide (wider than D. bicolor).
The erect leaves arch over with time.

The branched inflorescences are about 1 m high.
Each 10 cm wide white flower only lasts 2 to 3 days.
They flower over a long period as each branch has many buds.

The 3 outer tepals are slightly wider than the inner 3.
The outer have long yellow lines with brownish striations extending from the base.
These areas are the nectar guides for pollinators and also have small hairs.
The inner 3 tepals have rows of dark brown basal dashes.

Centrally are the 3 pale violet petaloid styles with the tips split.
The stigmas lie on the undersides just below the split.
The 3 stamens are hidden by the styles.
They have basifixed anthers opening via slits.

The upright, 4 to 5 cm long capsules hold angular dark brown seeds.