Michelia figo

Michelia (Magnolia).

In 2006 Michelia with its 50 or so species was moved into the Yulania subgenus of the genus Magnolia.
However it is still so well known as Michelia I will continue to use both terms.

The flowers are smaller than other Magnolias and occur in clusters among the leaves.
They are well known for their fragrance.

Magnolia figo was Michelia figo.
Evergreen shrubs or small trees up to 4 – 5 meters high and nearly as wide.
They are densely covered in small, alternately arranged leaves.
Leaves are glossy, dark green, leathery and up to 10 cm long.
There are brown hairs on the underside.

Clusters of cup-like flowers up to 4 cm across grow among the leaves.
The buds have furry brown bracts.
Flowers have 6 white or cream tepals with a reddish edge and sometimes purple streaks.
The oval red fruit are about 1 cm long.

There are numerous hybrids, varieties and cultivars some white and many with more colour.

Michelia x ‘Bubbles’.
A large evergreen, shrub or small tree to 4 metres tall.
Leaves are a glossy green.
Flower buds are covered in velvety brown hairs.
White flowers are lightly scented.

Michelia doltsopa.
Large shrubs and trees, growing to 30 m.
Leathery dark-green leaves and clusters of large, perfumed white to cream flowers.

Michelia ‘Allspice’.
This is a cross between Michelia doltsopa and M. figo.

Port Wine Magnolia.
A cultivar of M. figo.
It is a more compact shrub and the flowers are reddish to deep mauve.

These will be illustrated on the folowing pages.