Malpighia coccigera

Malpighia coccigera – Dwarf Holly.

Family Malpighiaceae.

Commonly known as Dwarf Holly or Singapore holly it is one of the 50 or so Malpighia species.
A dwarf, evergreen shrub up to 1 m high.
The dark green leaves, on short stalks are oppositely arranged.
There is a pair of stipules between the petioles on either side of the hairy branch.

Leaves are up to 2 cm long and elliptic to ovate.
The blade is toothed, has a wavy margin and a spine on each tooth.
There are small glands near the base on the underside of the leaves.

Axillary inflorescences have 1 or 2 flowers.
The 1.5 cm flowers are on stalks that have 2 small bracts anywhere on them.
The 5 sepals have 1 or more large or small glands on their external surfaces.
The 5 spreading petals have narrow bases and fringed edges.
They can be white or pale pink.

The 10 stamens have fused bases.
Two of the stamens are larger than the rest.
The ovary is superior and sometimes not all of its 3 carpels are fully developed.
There can be 3 thick, green styles or one may by rudimentary.
The fully developed stigmas are large and can be round or hooked.
Fruit are fleshy, red, ovoid drupes 15 mm across.