1 Hibiscus calyphyllus

Hibiscus calyphyllus.

The Lemon Yellow Rose Mallow is an African shrub 2 to 3 m high.

The alternate leaves, on long petioles are up to 12 cm long and wide.
They have 3 to 5 shallow to deep lobes with pointed teeth and stellate hairs.

The solitary axillary flowers, on a long hairy pedicel are 10 to 12 cm across.
The epicalyx with 5 bracts and the tubular calyx with 5 lobes both have stellate hairs.
The 5 lemon-yellow petals, up to 6 cm long have a deep reddish-black base.

The anthers, on the upper half of the staminal column are yellow.
The 5 stigma lobes above it are a deep reddish-black.

The 5 chambers in the capsules hold numerous often hairy seeds.