2 Hibiscus geranioides

Hibiscus geranioides.

The Dwarf Native or Geranium Leaf Hibiscus are sparse shrubs 1 to 2 m high.

The alternate leaves, on hairy petioles are around 6 cm long and wide.
They are typically divided into 3 narrow lobes with hairs on both sides.
The central oblong to obovate lobe is longer than the side ones.

The solitary flowers have an epicalyx with up to 10 linear bracts around 5 mm long.
The bracts, and the slightly shorter calyx both have a few stellate hairs.

Flowers are on a hairy pedicel around 1.5 cm long.
The 5 pale pink petals form a funnel-shaped corolla around 1 cm long.
Petals have some hairs on the outer surface and a small mucro on the tip.

The pale yellow anthers are on the upper section of the staminal column.
Short style branches hold the 5 red stigma lobes.

The 1 to 2 cm long capsules have hairs that lie flat along the surface.
The numerous seeds in the 5 chambers have long dark hairs.