Family Orchidaceae > Subfamily Epidendroideae > Tribe Cymbidieae > Subtribe Cymbidiinae.
The Cymbidium genus, known as boat orchids, has about 60 species.

Terrestrial cymbidiums show sympodial growth, form pseudobulbs and have abundant roots.
They can form large clumps, grow up to 60 cm high and have long, strap-like, leathery leaves.
Inflorescences grow from the base of the plant and each can have up to 50 flowers.

Flowers are resupinate and waxy.
The sepals and lateral petals are all about the same size and often the same colour.
The medial petal may be a different colour, be larger and have a frilled edge.
It commonly has various markings such as spots and stripes.

They come in almost every colour except blue – white, and shades of green, yellow, brown, red and cream.

There are tens of thousands of hybrids losely divided by flower size – miniature less than 6 cm;
    intermediate 6-9 cm and standard over 9 cm.
Some species are strongly scented but the hybrids rarely are.

Epiphytic cymbidiums often have thick, leathery leaves and long cascading inflorescences.