Vappaculum superbiens

xVappaculum & Curly Pinks.

A small group of natural hybrids of Vappodes bigibba (a synonym for Dendrobium bigibbum,
    the Cooktown orchid) and Durabaculum undulatum.
They are variable in appearance as they can backcross with either parent.
They are evergreen epiphytic or lithophytic orchids that are found in N.E. Queensland.

Vappaculum superbiens.       Curly Pinks.

Previously known as Dendrobium ? superbiens and D. bigibbum var. superbiens.

They have hard, elongated, pseudobulbs with long roots and, when young, bracts.

The ovate, sessile leaves are on the upper half of the stem.
They are alternate, in 2 ranks with the bases sheathing the stem.

Arching, axillary inflorescences, from nodes towards the top of the pseudobulb, are up to 40 cm long.
They carry up to 25, resupinate flowers up to 45 mm across.
Colours include pink or mauve, often with white edges or areas.
Bracts sheath the bases of the individual flower stalks.

The widely spreading sepals and lateral petals are often twisted or curved backwards.
They have wavy margins and a small, slender point at the tip.

The sepals, up to 30 mm long, are fused to the base of the column foot.
The roughly ovate lateral petals are slightly longer and wider than the sepals.

The lip, about 25 mm long, is attached to the foot of the column.
It has 3 lobes and is not twisted.
The basal part of the lip, with the foot, forms a long spur.
Large lateral wings, with wavy edges, are either upright beside the column or curved over it.
The middle section has wavy edges that bend downwards.
It has 5 longitudinal, divergent, usually fringed ridges on it.
The smaller end lobe is wedge-shaped.

The column has a long foot.
The large, transverse rostellum, with no viscidium, is on the front of the column above the stigma.
The anther is at the top of the column.
The 4 pollinia, in 2 pairs, are hard, yellow or orange, and straight or sickle-shaped.

Drooping, dehiscent capsules release numerous winged seeds.