Muehlenbeckia platyclados

Muehlenbeckia platyclados – Homalocladium platycladum.

Family Polygonaceae.
It is uncertain which is the correct name according to The Plant List.
Commonly known as the Ribbon plant it is sometimes used in gardens.

An evergreen shrubby plant with rhizomatous roots.
It spreads laterally and is usually up to 1 m high but can climb a little.

It has thin flat ribbon-like structures known as phylloclades.
These are modified stems that photosynthesise and function like leaves.
They are jointed and longitudinally striated.

When present, single leaves up to around 5 cm long, arise from alternate joints.
They may or may not have short stalks.
The brown sheath or ochrea at the base is 1 to 2 mm long but disappears early.
Leaves are often lobed at the base.
Some plants have no leaves and others only on young, non-flowering stems.

Inflorescences are small clusters of up to 6 flowers at alternate joints.
Individual flowers are described variously as having or not having a short stalk.
There are small, 1mm long ovate bracts.

The perianth has 5 tepals only one or two mms long.
They are white or greenish-white and their bases are joined.

There are 8 (9) stamens.
The 1 mm, angled ovary has 3 styles.
The tiny dark brown or black seed is enclosed in the now fleshy, red or purplish tepals.