Rosa ‘Crepuscule’

Rosa ‘Crepuscule’. (Twilight.)

This Heritage rose cultivar, bred in 1904 has Noisette type flowers.
Noisettes are a cross between China and R. moschata (Musk rose) hybrids.

Sold as a climbing rose but without training they are a sprawling shrub.
Arching branches are up to 4 m long.
They are well branched with almost no thorns on the stems.

The pinnate leaves, with 5 or 7 leaflets are deciduous.
New leaves are crimson.

Flowers can be solitary but are typically in small clusters of up to 5.
The cup-shaped semi-double to double flowers are around 6 to 8 cm across.
The 8 to 15 (30) petals are apricot to orange with a yellow centre.
The petals are ruffled and flowers have a musk scent.
They are repeat bloomers with some flowers on the plant for a long time.