Rosa ‘Westerland’

Rosa ‘Westerland.’

Released in 1969 it is a Modern Shrub rose.
Strong fairly erect canes can be up to 3 or 4 m long.
They can be trained as a climber.

Stems have a lot of prickles.
New leaves have a bronze tint especially around the edges.
Dark green adult leaves have (5) 7 toothed round to ovate leaflets.
There are glands along the petiole and leaf midrib.
Shrubs are deciduous.

Inflorescences are clusters of flowers up to 12 cm across.
The peduncle, and bracts at their base have glandular prickles.

The double flowers have 15 to 30 petals.
Petals are apricot to orange and the stamens are red.
Flowers are present throughout the season.