Brugmansia cultivars

Brugmansia hybrids and cultivars.

There are a few hybrids and a lot of cultivars.
There are dwarf cultivars and some with variegated leaves.
Most have larger flowers and some have a second colour on the petal edges.
Lobes may be rolled or curved backward and smooth, twisted or ruffled.
The lobe tips and tendrils can be from 1 to 6 cm long.

Brugmansia x candida.
This cross between B. aurea and B. versicolor is sometimes listed as a species.
A shrub or small tree up to 2 or 3 m high with ovate to oblong leaves 20 cm long.
The trumpet-shaped flowers up to 30 cm long are greenish or creamy-white with long tendrils.
It is involved in the production of most of the cultivars.
These include singles and doubles in white, pink, cream, yellow, apricot and orange.

White cultivars.
There are many singles and doubles in white, cream and ivory. For example:
Brugmansia ‘Double White’ has pale densely hairy leaves and double white flowers.
‘Shredded White’ is a double whose large flowers have twisted petals.
‘Monica’s Meroo Tagtrum’ is a double white with long curling tendrils and the tendrils of ‘Victoria Lady’are more curled.

Pink and apricot cultivars.
‘Monica’s Meroo Magid’ and ‘Wow’ are double pinks.
‘Tremble’ is a very pale pink and ‘Fernando’ is a double in deep pink.
‘Clementine’ has double apricot flowers.

Orange flowers include ‘Burnt Orange’ and ‘Winters Flame’ which is a double orange.

Cultivars in 2 colours.
‘Frilly Pink’ is a single with pale pink lobes and a cream throat.
‘Ginger Mick’ is a double with pale salmon outer lobes and white inner ones.
‘Miner’s Claim’ has cream to ivory white petals with salmon-pink edges.

Hose in hose cultivars.
Brugmansia ‘Mathildenwalzer’ is a creamy white hose in hose flower with a short outer corolla tube and a long inner one.

The petal edges are ruffled.

Some hose in hose flowers have the two corollas in different colours.
‘Senorita Rosada’ is a double with white lobes on the inner corolla and pink lobes on the shorter outer one.

Triple corollas.
‘The Dancer’ is a triple hose in hose with pink inner lobes, shorter greenish middle lobes and the outermost corolla has pink and green lobes.
‘Sugared Almond’ is a triple pale salmon.

Brugmansia x insignis is a hybrid between B. suaveolens and B. versicolor with white or peach flowers.
Brugmansia x insignis ‘Pink’, a hybrid with Brugmansia suaveolens has large widely flared pale pink flowers that darken over time.

Brugmansia sanguinea cultivars are orange, red and yellow with green.