Asiatic & Oriental lilies

Asiatic & Oriental lilies.

Asiatic Hybrids.
The strong stems have scattered leaves that are narrow to medium in width.

Inflorescences, 0.5 to nearly 2 m high, have multiple flowers.
The small to medium sized flowers are flat or bowl-shaped.
They can face up, out or down and the tepals may be recurved.
The tepal edges are smooth or can be slightly ruffled.

The tepals can be a uniform colour or have a contrasting throat or tip.
They come in bright pink, orange, yellow and red.
Others are white or have 2 colours
Some have no spots, others have sharply defined spots.
If papillae are present they are inconspicous.

An example are the hybrids of Lilium lancifolium or the Tiger lily.
The older ones were a bright orange with freckles but they are now seen
    in a wide range of pale or bright colours with spots.

Oriental hybrids.
Taller than the Asiatic hybrids they can be up to 2.5 m high.
The wide leaves are scattered along the stem.

There are a few to many, medium to large flowers on a stem.
Of all the hybrids they have the largest flowers.
They are flat or bowl-shaped and the tepals may curve backwards.

The inner 3 tepals are often wide with overlapping bases.
The edges are often twisted or ruffled.
Colours include white, red or pink or sometimes yellow.
The edges, or the centre may be a darker colour.
Poorly defined spots may or may not be present.
There may be large nectaries.
Papillae are often present and conspicuous.