Banksia oblongifolia

Banksia oblongifolia.

In Family Proteaceae it is also known as Banksia integrifolia var. oblongifolia.
The Dwarf or Rusty banksia is found in Queensland.

A multi-stemmed shrub 2 to 3 m high with lignotubers.
The smooth bark, fading from reddish to grey, has horizontal lenticels.
New growth is covered in reddish hairs.

Alternately arranged adult leaves are oblong to obovate.
They are up to 11 cm long by 2 cm wide on petioles a few mms long.
The hairs on the upper surface are gradually lost but those underneath remain.
The blade edge curls under slightly and there are teeth at the ends.

Terminal inflorescences, up to 15 cm high, have a whorl of small branches below them.
Flowers are a pale yellow.
The dead flowers do not remain on the spikes which can develop up to 80 follicles.
Follicles, hairy then smooth, have 1 or 2 seeds surrounded by seed separators.