Banksia robur

Banksia robur.

Family Proteaceae > Genus Banksia.
The Swamp or Broad leaved banksia is seen in cultivation.

A shrub up to 3 m high and 2 m wide growing from lignotubers.
Young branches are densely covered in rust-coloured hairs.
Leaves are on petioles that vary from 0.5 to 6 cm long.
The blades are commonly obovate with a wavy margin.
New leaves are pink to red due to a thick layer of hairs.

Adult leaves are up to 30 cm long and over 4 cm wide (5 – 9 cm).
The whole edge usually has coarse teeth.
The upper surface is smooth but there are white or brown hairs underneath.
The midvein is yellowish and the lateral veins are prominent.

Inflorescences are spikes up to 20 cm high and around 9 cm across.
Greenish buds open to creamy-yellow flowers that age to brown.
The tepals are around 2.5 cm long with dense hairs externally except at the tip.

The anthers, in the tepal tips, are only about 1 mm long.
The pink style, about 3 cm long, is straight with an ovoid pollen presenter and stigma.

The large inflorescences have up to 100 reddish, hairy follicles.
The follicles are largely hidden by the dead flowers.