Melicope elleryana

Melicope elleryana.

Originally Euodia elleryana it is commonly known as Pink Euodia or Pink Doughwood.
It is native to N. and E. Queensland (and other areas) and is often seen in cultivation.

They are evergreen shrubs or trees with a rounded canopy and pale brown bark.
In the garden they are 3 to 6 m high and 3 – 4 m wide but can grow up to 25 m.
The dark green, trifoliate leaves are oppositely arranged.
The petioles are 2 to 10 cm long.
The ovate to elliptic leaflets can be up to 19 cm long and from around 4 to 8 cm wide.
The terminal leaflet petiolule is up to 17 mm long and the side ones much shorter.
The petiole and petiolules are grooved on the upper surface.

Inflorescences, up to 6 cm long, are dense, branched clusters of flowers.
Described as axillary they are below the leaves.
They are commonly seen on bare branches below old leaf scars.
The bisexual flowers are pink to white.

The ovate sepals, up to 2 mm long, are joined at the base.
The petals are up to 6.5 mm long with hairs on the inner surface.
The 4 stamens are 4 mm long and the filaments have no hairs.
A nectiferous disc, with hairs, surrounds the base of the hairy ovary.

The fruit consist of up to 4 follicles up to 8 mm long that are joined at the base.
Each follicle has a shiny black seed a few mms long.