Melicope rubra

Melicope rubra.

The Little Evodia is native to Queensland.
They are large shrubs or small trees to around 5 m high.
The trifoliate leaves are a glossy green.
The leaflets are around 6 to 12 cm long and 1.5 to 4 cm wide.

Dense clusters of deep pink to red flowers occur along often bare branches.
The sepals are 2 mm long and the petals, with hairs inside, are around 6 mm.
The bases of the stamen filaments have hairs.
The nectiferous disc surrounds the very hairy ovary.
The hairs extend onto the base of the single style.

The fruit are green follicles up to 3 cm long with glands on the surface.
When mature the follicles remain attached at the base.
The shiny black seeds are about 5 mm long.

Sold as Melicope rubra ‘Blush’ the flowers are darker than M. elleryana.